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Swedish courses online

Online Swedish courses in Ditto – what are the pluses?

Learning Swedish online with Ditto is a great choice if you want to master the language without leaving the comfort of your home. We offer online Swedish courses to people living in large or small towns and cities and in different countries, who don’t have much free time and would like to study Swedish via the internet.

Ditto makes learning Swedish easily accessible to anyone who wants to discover the language. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

How can you begin your adventure with Swedish?

What is the online Swedish course like?

With Ditto, you will always learn Swedish in the most effective way possible, either as an individual student in one-to-one lessons or in small groups of four people.

Our teachers of Swedish

Swedish classes take place in real time and are taught by experienced teachers who are fluent in the language and have a wide knowledge of Swedish culture, thanks to time spent studying and living in Sweden. They are all fluent in the language at native speaker level.

Communicative learning

Online Swedish classes take place by means of a user-friendly platform. Students can hear and see the teacher and each other. We use a digital whiteboard and the teacher can divide students into separate pairs, which gives every participant the chance to speak as much as possible during classes, while the teacher monitors and corrects mistakes.

Well-structured lessons

Our online Swedish classes place equal emphasis on all language skills – vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Multimedia materials

Our online lessons make full use of modern multimedia materials, which means that our classes are interesting and easy to follow.

Online Swedish courses – levels

Online Swedish classes are available at all levels of the European CEFR scale, from beginners to proficiency.
Beginners – A1
Lower Intermediate – A2
Intermediate – B1
Upper Intermediate – B2
Advanced – C1
Proficiency – C2

Which online Swedish course should I choose?

Ditto offers online Swedish classes in small groups of four people and also individual classes. Both options have their own pluses. If you’re unsure which option to decide on, please feel free to contact us through our contact from or give us a call, and our consultants will help you to choose the course which is most suitable for you.

Live online Swedish classes - useful information

What do you need to start learning Swedish?

Our online Swedish courses are available for everyone who has access to the internet. The most convenient option is to use a desktop computer or laptop, but you can also take part in the classes using a smartphone. If your computer does not have an in-built camera, we recommend connecting an external one. It is also better to use a set of earphones with a microphone, as this helps to eliminate background noise and enables you to hear the teacher and the other students more clearly. It is also good to have a stable internet connection, ideally one that uses a cable. If you are worried about technical problems, our school will provide the necessary technical support and help you to use our platform to learn Swedish online.

How much does our online Swedish course cost?

Our online Swedish course is available at a good price – you can find the details in our course configurator. If you are interested in a personalized offer we invite you to contact us by email or telephone. Our consultants will provide a free test to determine your level and help you to choose the course that best suits your needs.

Can I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

At the end of the online Swedish course all students who make the necessary progress will receive certificates of completion. If you are interested in obtaining an international certificate, then after finishing our online Swedish course you can sit the SWEDEX international exam in our school.

Who teaches our online Swedish courses?

Our online Swedish courses are taught by experienced teachers who are graduates of the language and who have worked or studied in Sweden. They are completely fluent in Swedish and have a wide knowledge of Swedish culture.

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Start your Swedish adventure with Ditto

Use our course configurator and handpick learning options best suited to your needs.

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