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Italian courses online

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‘I’d like to take part in a course, but these hours don’t suit me’, is something we have heard you say a lot. So we have created an online course of Italian to give you an opportunity to learn the language on the internet. What makes our online Italian Ditto courses stand out is convenience: you can take part in classes from the comfort of your home or from work, which will save you time and money.

Learning Italian online is a modern solution for those of you who are searching for courses with convenient days and times at a reasonable price.

How to start learning Italian with Ditto

One-to-one courses and mini-group courses

Online courses of Italian are taught live on Zoom. The teacher and students can see and hear each other. An online course, just like a traditional one, allows you to master all language skills: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, and most of all speaking. The online platform enables students to work in groups and in pairs, and the teacher to monitor their work, so that class time can be used to the maximum to learn effective communication.

Italian online – a course for everyone

An Italian course online – what levels are available?

Learning Italian online with Ditto is possible on every CEFR scale level, from a beginner all the way to C2, native-like fluency.
A1 – elementary
A2 – pre-intermediate
B1 – intermediate
B2 – upper-intermediate
C1 – advanced
C2 – proficiency

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Courses of Italian online – frequently asked questions

Learning Italian online – what you need

Italian online is available to everyone who has a device connected to the internet. Using a laptop or a PC is the most comfortable, but you can participate in online lessons using a tablet or even a smartphone.

You will also need a camera and a microphone, and possibly headphones to make the lessons as comfortable as possible.

Learning Italian online – who are the teachers?

Our online Ditto courses of Italian are taught by highly qualified language tutors – both native and non-native ones. They take part in regular training sessions of the Ditto method. All Italian tutors on our team are truly passionate about teaching Italian.

All courses are monitored by foreign language teaching experts whose job it is to ensure that our Italian courses are the best quality available.

Italian courses online – what’s the cost?

The price of each course depends on several factors- the number of hours, the type of the course (one-to-one or in a group), the type of teacher (a native or non-native teacher), and the profile of the course (general language or language for specific purposes). Contact us to find out the details about your Italian online course.

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