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Spanish courses online

First-rate Spanish online courses

Learning Spanish online is a great option for those who like convenience but don’t have much free time. What’s special about the Spanish online courses with Ditto is how accessible they are: you can learn from wherever you choose.

You can learn Spanish from a place of your choice: your home, a café, the office, and at whatever time suits you best.

Online Spanish with Ditto are high quality courses taught by both Spanish native speakers and Polish teachers. The online course has been design to focus on your particular needs and goals. Learning Spanish online you will make maximum use of your time.

Online Spanish lessons – how to start?

What does learning Spanish online look like?

At Ditto you can either opt for an individual program or a group course.  

Learning one-to-one or in a group of 4

Our online Spanish classes are held on Zoom, which allows the students and the teacher to see and hear each other. As a result, learning a language online is just as effective as traditional face-to-face lessons. An online course follows the design of a traditional course: we focus on learning how to communicate effectively. Online Spanish also means learning grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening. In our online courses we use up-to-date materials suitable for online learning, we use interactive tools and tasks, and various language games.


Learning Spanish online – the main advantages:

What a Ditto Spanish course covers

Classes live

Online Spanish classes are held live, and the teacher and the participants see and hear each other. They can therefore learn and practice all language skills, just like in a traditional classroom. Thanks to that online classes include pronunciation practice, vocabulary development, working on grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking.


In a group course students can interact with the rest of the group, but also work in pairs, and all interactions are monitored by the teacher. As a result, the participants have the chance to speak as much as possible. The teacher corrects their mistakes and recommends ways to improve fluency and confidence.


In our Spanish classes online you will get the all the necessary materials from your tutor, and gain access to interactive online exercises. If you choose to, you can work with a traditional coursebook.

After the lesson

The teacher will recommend the best ways to practice Spanish after class. He/she will help you choose websites and apps which you can use to effectively improve language skills.

TEFL supervision

Online Spanish classes are supervised by our Director of Studies. Our teachers are regularly monitored by TEFL experts, which guarantees the highest quality of your Spanish course.

Top quality

Our Spanish online teachers participate in regular teacher training workshops to ensure that the classes they teach are effective and follow current trends in language learning.

Spanish courses online – available levels

Our school offers online classes on all CEFR levels:
A1 – elementary
A2 – pre-intermediate
B1 – intermediate
B2 – upper-intermediate
C1 – advanced

With Ditto you can start learning from the very basics and with time achieve fluency in using Spanish.

How to choose a course of Spanish online?

Learning Spanish online you should focus on developing your speaking skills and effective communication. The qualifications, experience and positive attitude of the teachers is also a factor. In Ditto we work with teachers who have appropriate qualifications for teaching online, and for whom teaching online is a passion.

To decide which course will be the best for you, contact us. Our Ditto staff will assist you with the entire process to choose the perfect course: they will analyse your needs and expectations, offer an online placement test, check the availability of our teachers based on your chosen days and times and prepare an offer.

Our Ditto staff will also explain what online classes look like, what you need in terms of equipment, and how to ensure maximum comfort during classes.

Frequently asked questions

Spanish courses online – what you need

You will need a computer with a camera and microphone, and a stable internet access. We recommend using a headset to reduce outside noises and maximise your comfort while in class.

Learning Spanish online – will I get a certificate?

Yes, after the course you will receive a certificate which will include your level of Spanish and the number of hours you have had in your course.

Spanish courses online – what are the prices?

The prices depend on the type of course you choose and the hourly package. You will receive specific prices via email after a conversation with our consultant and specifying your needs.

Spanish online – who are the teachers?

It is possible to learn Spanish online with a competent native or non-native  teacher– it is up to you. All our teachers are fully qualified and have all the necessary experience to teach Spanish online on all levels.

Spanish courses online – see how it works.

Check our offer. Our courses are online, so they are perfect for students who feel comfortable with modern technologies. Even if you are not sure that learning online from the comfort of your home is for you, you can take part in a free trial lesson and find out for yourself that learning Spanish online can be just as effective as in a traditional classroom.

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