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Discover Ditto – our online language school

Ditto is a system of online language learning created by our experts in the field and based on two decades of experience in foreign language education, both in its standard form and in many courses taught via the internet. Expertise and technology are combined to provide online language courses taught by excellent teachers and native speakers in real time. Instead of traditional textbooks, we present language materials using the convenient platform Zoom . Ditto gives you the same possibilities to communicate as traditional lessons, with the added benefit of multimedia language materials in an engaging, interactive form. Individual classes or small groups of four students ensure a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and much greater effectiveness than ordinary classes. After each class, you have access to the recording and the language materials. What’s more, if you wish to practice by yourself, your homework is also made available in the form of easily accessible online activities.


What does Ditto have to offer?

Ease of learning

Online language learning is convenient and without limits. At the click of a button, you can study, wherever you like – at home, at work, or sitting in a park or café. You can use a laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

Fast results guaranteed

Our online language classes consist of one-to-one lessons or small groups of four students. This means that we can have a highly personalized approach, and our teachers will meet your language requirements as they arise, adapting the course content and pace of learning. This ensures the exceptionally high effectiveness of our online Ditto method of language learning.

Saving time

You won’t waste time sitting in traffic. Studying in the peace and quiet of your home, you’ll be more relaxed and rested, and so you’ll learn more effectively. This is a definite advantage of our online language courses.

Excellent teachers

Our online Ditto language courses are taught by experienced and friendly teachers – language graduates and native speakers - from all over the world, who love teaching online. Each one participates in regular, top-class training sessions run by our team of methodologists and focusing on the latest IT tools used in the creation of presentations, interactive activities and online multimedia materials. For each student of individual online Ditto courses, we choose the teacher who is most suitable for your needs.

Convenient lesson times

If you have a definite timetable, you can meet your teacher online at a set time, or you can simply decide on a lesson time after each meeting, whenever you have some free time and want to study. For small groups, we offer a choice of several convenient time slots for group language courses.

Transparent pricing

Ditto courses are available in convenient packages of 10, 15, 20 or 40 lessons. You decide how much time you want to spend studying online and choose how long your course is to be. Our language school is also noted for its clear and transparent pricing policy. With Ditto, you always know how much you pay and what you pay for.

Ditto – Guaranteed effectiveness of online language learning and satisfaction


Aldona Wielgus


Our team

Our classes are taught by enthusiastic and experienced teachers – native speakers and language graduates – who love teaching online. They all have excellent computer skills and have been comprehensively trained by our team of teaching experts in a wide range of online teaching techniques and in the use of IT tools in effective and engaging online learning. Their work and continuous professional development are closely monitored and supported by our Director of Studies.

The benefits of Ditto

FAQ- frequently asked questions

Are you thinking about it? Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Yes, classes are taught live by highly qualified teachers using the Zoom platform. The teacher and the students can see and hear one another. The teacher can share his screen and sound, uses a digital whiteboard and presents interactive exercises and games. Zoom allows classes to be divided into pairs and groups, monitored and assisted by the teacher. What’s more, we use many different online tools to create language activities and tasks in the form of competitions, quizzes and questionnaires that can be done with a smartphone, with the results being shown on the students’ shared screen. This is why Ditto is a real online school, with genuine contact and communication between the teacher and the students.

The technical requirements are minimal. It’s best to use a laptop or desktop, but you can also join our classes if you have a tablet or smartphone. Your device just needs to have a camera (either in-built or external), a microphone and internet access with a minimum speed of 1 megabit (upload/download). For a stable internet connection, it’s best to use a cable.
To maximise your comfort during your participation in our classes, we recommend using a set of headphones.

For individual classes we offer a free 30-minute trial lesson. If you’re interested in group classes, you can participate in one class of an existing group for free.

Teachers regularly monitor students’ progress with the help of applications such as Socrative. This allows them to prepare reports on your progress with clear indications of what you have learnt and anything that needs more practice.

Teachers regularly monitor students’ progress with the help of applications such as Socrative. This allows them to prepare reports on your progress with clear indications of what you have learnt and anything that needs more practice.

All our teachers are language graduates with native-like proficiency or native speakers. They all have qualifications in language teaching. All teachers have also completed training sessions focussing on teaching online.

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