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Learning French online with Ditto is ideal for busy people who want to be able to adjust course times and days to their schedules. If you are wondering if learning French online is for you, let us assure you – it is for everyone. No matter what level, learning French online is just as suitable for beginners (CEFR A1 level) as it is for advanced language users (C1).

Learning French online is a great opportunity to improve and practice all your skills: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading, listening and, most of all, speaking. You can easily do so because the learning happens live online, and all the participants and teachers (Polish or native speakers) can hear and see each other in real time.

French online courses may, in addition, be a unique opportunity to make new friends and practice your language skills in an open, motivated group of people. If you are not convinced that learning a language online is for you, you are welcome to take part in a free trial lesson and find out for yourself.

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An online French course – what is it

With Ditto you can choose between individual and group courses.

One-to-one and group courses

Our online French courses are held on Zoom and the participants use a link to enter the lessons. You can learn French in a one-to-one course or in a small group.
Learning French online is a pleasure. In Ditto courses we use the latest digital resources and engaging interactive tasks. All our students get recommendations to help them study after class.

Learning French online with Ditto:

What are the available levels of French online courses?

Online courses of French with Ditto are available on all levels on the CEFR scale, from a beginner to native-like fluency
A1 – elementary
A2 – pre-intermediate
B1 – intermediate
B2 – upper-intermediate
C1 – advanced
C2 – proficiency
If you are looking for a way to extend your knowledge of French, you will be able to find a suitable online course level with Ditto.

What do I do to sign up for a French course online?

All you have to do is get in touch with a Ditto consultant. They will examine your entry level and your needs, suggest a free online placement test, establish the most convenient days and hours for you, and prepare an offer to answer your individual expectations.

French courses online – frequently asked questions

Is learning French online more difficult than in a traditional classroom?

No, it isn’t. An online French course is more accessible and convenient because you can take part in lessons from home or from work.

How much does it cost to learn French online and get a certificate?

The price of each course depends on several factors – the number of hours, the type of the course (one-to-one or in a group), the type of teacher (native or non-native), and the profile of the course (general French or French for specific purposes). Contact us to get a quote.

Learning French online – what do I need to start?

All you need is basic equipment. You will need a laptop or PC with internet access. You can also take part in lesson using a tablet or a smartphone. A camera and microphone are essential.

To maximise your comfort, we recommend using a headset. It is of course necessary to have stable Internet connection, and a cable is preferable to Wi-Fi.

Our school offers technical support before the first lesson and later throughout the course. As you can see, everyone can take part in online classes.

Do I get a Ditto certificate after I complete a course of French online?a

After every course of French with Ditto you will receive a certificate to confirm your progress and a detailed report in which your teacher will point out your strengths and provide tips for further work.

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