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Polish courses online

Learn Polish online with Ditto.

Do you need to learn Polish? Do you dream of learning Polish? Do you dread learning Polish? 

No matter which question is right for you, the answer is: Ditto – Polish for Foreigners. At Ditto we offer Polish classes online to all, no matter what level they are: from complete beginners (CEFR A1) to proficient users who wish to achieve a mastery of Polish comparable to that of a native speaker (CEFR C2).

Polish lessons online are just as effective as those offered by traditional schools of Polish for foreigners, with the added benefit of being able to learn Polish online from the comfort of your own home with qualified and experienced Polish native speakers.

Polish Language Course – How it Works

Online lessons

Our Polish language courses are taught on Zoom, a video conferencing platform that allows you to learn Polish online in real time. We offer both one-to-one and group Polish language classes, depending on your individual preferences.

Pick your course

To enroll for one of our Polish language courses, just call us or drop us a message . Our consultant will talk to you about your needs concerning Polish for foreigners, offer a free online placement test, find out which days and times are most convenient to you to learn Polish online and prepare a personalized offer.

Polish for Foreigners – What Level Do I Need To Communicate Effectively?

Like we said, Polish is not the easiest language to learn. One of the biggest challenges is mastering its pronunciation and the complex grammar system. However, our teachers will guide you on the path to fluency.

Like with any other European language, you will be able to speak Polish pretty fluently when you complete CEFR level B2 (upper-intermediate). Below is the complete list of Polish for foreigners course levels we offer at Ditto:

  • A1 – beginner
  • A2 – lower-intermediate
  • B1 – intermediate
  • B2 – intermediate
  • C1 – advanced
  • C2 – proficiency
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Polish language courses Online – Who Is It For?

If you’re looking for a Polish language course for foreigners and are open to learning Polish online, you’ve come to the right place. Our teachers will help you achieve your goal.  All you need is a reliable Internet connection, dedication and stamina. Let’s face it – learning Polish is no mean feat, but we’re here to help.


Polish Classes Online – What Are The Technological Requirements?

All you need to learn Polish for foreigners online is a device connected to the Internet. A laptop computer will be the most convenient but if you don’t have one, you can join the Polish language course through your tablet or smartphone.

The device you use needs to be equipped with a webcam and microphone. For maximum comfort we recommend using a headset, which reduces outside noises and enhances the quality of sound. You will also need to make sure your Internet connection is reliable.

Before your first class and throughout the course we are here to support you in case of technical issues. The platform we use is pretty intuitive, but if you are unsure of your video conferencing skills, our consultants will help you learn how to manage it.

Online Polish Classes – How Does Your First Language Influence Your Chances of Mastering Polish?

With enough work, dedication and a good teacher everyone can learn Polish. Obviously, if you already speak another Slavic language, your task is easier and your initial progress faster. Speakers of different languages also face challenges peculiar to their mother tongues when studying the Polish language. That is why we offer separate group courses for Slavic and non-Slavic speakers.

Polish for Foreigners Online – How Much Does It Cost?

The price of our online Polish lessons includes tuition and materials. Our teachers use modern digital resources as well as engaging interactive online exercises. If a slightly more traditional approach is what you are after, using a textbook is also an option.

The cost is calculated based on the type of course (individual or group lessons) and its profile (general Polish or Polish for specific purposes). You will find our price list on our website.

Learning Polish Online – Who Are The Teachers?

Our teachers are all native speakers of Polish with an MA or a post graduate degree in teaching Polish to foreigners. They have years of experience teaching Polish, both in the traditional classroom and online. They all speak English and other European languages.

Our Experience Teaching Polish to Foreigners

At Ditto we have years of experience offering Polish language courses, both in the traditional classroom and online. To date hundreds of students have completed our Polish for Foreigners courses with excellent results.

We also offer online lessons of other languages

For more information, visit our website or contact us directly. We are always happy to help!

Start your language adventure with ditto.

Use our course configurator to handpick learning options best suited to your needs.

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